29 October 2016

"You'll See Her On a Bicycle and She'll Be Wearing a Scarf..."

Form and function, is that all there is to wearing a scarf?  Or can scarves stand for more? 
The hairy scarf, a stand out peace in your wardrobe. Warm and refreshing! 

But we know that sometimes it is more important to be warm, that's it. 

This lady obviously feels super confident. We believe it is the scarf effect.

A scarf can be form of hiding, of isolating.

You can match it with the season.

But in the end, it is about keeping you cozy.

...and looking good while doing so.

There is no excuse. Even though it is starting to get cold, cycling in style is always a good idea. Cycle Chic shows us the chance of dressing up for your destination without the bicycle holding you back.  See you in the streets and possibly on the blog!

Happy Cycling!

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