27 October 2016

Cargo Bike Ladies

Cargo bikes are worthy of special attention. Any bicycle can/ will quickly and easily become part of your lifestyle if you allow it, but cargo bikes are extra supportive. Cargo bicycles encourage you to share your moments through the urban landscape together with your favorite goods. The cargo bicycle tells you never to travel alone.

Two girls rolling that cargo bike through the park like real bosses.

Look out for the cargo bike carrying friends, stickers... and just having fun!

And the one with two precious Italian, little girls with "perfectly suited for autumn" mom.

Cargo bicycle lady duo, YES to that.


The two wheeler one. As you can see, Bullitt's got your back for looking smart, fancy and flawless while resting on the curb awaiting for what lies ahead. No excuses!

And one from early October in Copenhagen... The sun was shining and this beautifully colored cargo bike amazed us with the truly happy kido inside! We all know that smile is your best accessory for looking good. 

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