21 October 2016

Vélib' Chic

In Paris, plenty of the locals choose the bike share system, Vélib'. While many times these bike share systems are seen as "touristy" and not- chic, Parisians have a way of owning the urban look in these public bikes.

Jean jacket, Addidas & red lip stick

Autumn color palette limited outfit, iphone in hand and the half side stare.

Leather, tights and frustration concentration.

Full basket, booties and denim.

red ties, black socks and brief case.

Nice beard, plaid and morning tunes.

Nice beard, colorful shoes and lenses.

navy v-neck, burgundy pants and green bag on cobblestones.

17 October 2016

Sunday Priorities in Copenhagen

Sundays like this in Copenhagen are about priorities on the bicycle. It's not easy waking up after a long week to cold, autumn mornings in Scandinavia, but being able to ride your bicycle in style to all your Sunday necessities is an advantage.  The following are bits you can only witness in this amazing Nordic city.

This modern man prioritizes diapers and coffee, nice.

She prioritizes furniture journeys and friendliness.

Quick grocery stops

Happy cruising and music are important priorities too.

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14 October 2016

Addressing Urban Cycling the Right Way

This is how we should all address urban cycling any day: head up, heels on and eyes closed. Okay, maybe you shouldn't close your eyes... at least not for long. But keep it cool, keep it relax.  This woman is a beautiful example of casual grace being spread on an autumn afternoon commute.  Riding her bicycle along the city streets, she includes wander, balance and charm.

12 October 2016

The CycleChic Stare by Parisian Women

Half Side Stare

Awareness Stare

Cautious Stare

Presence Stare

The Parisian woman on a bicycle knows the power it takes to cycle around this intense, metropolitan city. They earn their respect in the urban landscape and here we can see why. They're chic, determined and fierce.

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10 October 2016

Parisian Women Owning the Streets

Cruising through Paris with Velolib' bicycle is a common thing, but this lady stands out with her casual yet stylish look. 

What can describe femininity more then heels, stand out accessories and confidence.

Beige and blue.... Keeping it simple and playing with tones... Can you spot the little heels? 

Freshen it up with a colourful piece. This is Parisian style. What else do you need?

And if you can... match your bike with your bag.

This woman just represents them all!!! Chic yet simple. The vintage bike and red lips, all black and red nails! She's got it!

We were in Paris for 5 days and we need to admit that CycleChic loves Paris! In Paris you can spot all kind of urban cyclists - the sporty ones, the chic ones, the "I don't care" ones... But what connects them is cycling through one of the most beautiful city in the world - Paris. More posts with the recap of our Paris journey coming up in the next days! 

3 October 2016

Casual Parisian Man & his Vintage Bicycle

It's Paris and urban cycling in dense car traffic with chic vintage bikes between your legs is the thing for the casual Parisian man.
The vintage bicycle is a common accessory that men in Paris know how to wear effortlessly well. Difficile de regarder loin !

23 September 2016

Nice Birks

He's comfortable. He's chic. He's pretty goofy, too.

22 September 2016

Cycle Chic has no age limit

When you're out and about in Copenhagen, seniors on the bikes can be the ones that catch your attention the most. See yourself...

16 September 2016

It is Indian Summer in Copenhagen

Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in autumn. As of right now, Copenhagen is enjoying the sunny and warm days. Cycle Chic spotted the locals on their bikes close to the harbour.

14 September 2016

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12 September 2016

Urban Exchange of Tension

Cycling in Copenhagen is a relaxed affair, but even on a late summer afternoon the tension can rise. Make sure you use hand signals when turning right... 

11 September 2016

Dungaree Dress Jamboree

It's the beginning of September and we're still getting moments of aching sunshine in Copenhagen. Meanwhile, she's happy and effortlessly cycling with a dungaree on, navy blue stripes flattering her olive green bike and marmalade specs matching her back tire. 

3 September 2016


More August throwbacks. 2007, flip flops, dimples & big headphones.
Musik, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].
Everyone needs a soundtrack for their lives.

2 September 2016


Throwing it back to Summer 2007. Nine years ago, we spotted ombré girl texting in her sandal heels. Year the first iphone was released.
Text, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].
Sending a quick text message from the bike lane.
A hefty fine if caught, but it's rarely enforced.

1 September 2016


#tbt Nine years ago, how do these generations look now?
Generations, originally uploaded by [Zakkaliciousness].
Two generations of Copenhagen cyclists in the afternoon sun.

Bike lanes often painted blue where they cross an intersection. It increases awareness and visibility for the cars and trucks.