24 March 2016

Lovely Leather Looks

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2015 - 0130

Black leather jackets are as popular as ever. Easy elegance and practical for tricky Copenhagen Spring days. Above: Motto Guzzi style racing jacket. Below: Aero-inspired flaps.

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2015 - 0204

Classic Harley Davidson leather look.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2015 - 0138

Light and shinny.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2015 - 0167

Short black car coat with straps.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2015 - 0021

Happy Cycling!

13 February 2016

Monday Morning Blues: Iced Bike

You know its going to be a tough week when park your bike at night only to find this in the morning...

Happy Cycling!

23 January 2016


Cycle Chic Copenhagen_50
That magical moment when the bicycle is propelled into motion.
Cycle Chic Copenhagen_18

22 January 2016


Cycle Chic Copenhagen_46
Once in a while, if you're lucky, you get a bit of space all to yourself in the morning rush hour. Exploit it.

Cycle Chic Copenhagen_10

Cycle Chic Copenhagen_87

Cycle Chic Copenhagen_47

Cycle Chic Copenhagen_1

Cycle Chic Copenhagen_64

21 January 2016

Cargo Bikes and Kids

Copenhagen Rush Hour
Even with 40,000 cargo bikes in Copenhagen, most cargo bike action involving kids takes place in the neighbourhoods, where families live close to the schools. 26% of all Copenhagen families with two or more kids have a cargo bike. It's the Copenhagen version of the SUV.

There are cargo bikes with kids in the morning rush hour however. Here are a few of them. Just a kid reading a book on their way to school.
Copenhagen Cargo Bikes

Copenhagen Cargo Bikes

Copenhagen Cargo Bikes

Copenhagen Cargo Bikes

Copenhagen Cargo Bikes

Copenhagen Cargo Bikes

19 January 2016

Urban Ballet

Copenhagen Rush Hour
One person's urban chaos is another's urban ballet. Rush hour in Copenhagen.
Copenhagen Rush Hour

Cycle Chic Copenhagen_19

Cycle Chic Copenhagen_9

18 January 2016

Bird's Eye Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic Copenhagen_80
This gent did a spot of window shopping as he rolled past a shop on his morning commute.
Cycle Chic Copenhagen_36
These guys continued their conversation as they walked the last stretch to their destination.
Cycle Chic Copenhagen_30
Finding a new playlist, checking a map or a crucial, dramatic text from a love interest? We may never know.
Cycle Chic Copenhagen_26
Double basket action.
Cycle Chic Copenhagen_44
Adjusting the dog on the back rack.

15 January 2016

Clear and Dry

The cycle tracks have the highest priority when clearing snow. They are cleared before the roads even get touched. Even on a Sunday evening, like in the photo above. Getting ready for the rush in the morning, but also providing clear cycling for whoever is out there at the moment, transporting themselves from A to B.

See how Copenhagen prioritises cycle tracks for snow clearance here.

14 January 2016

Winter Ride

Viking Biking_22
Some more Viking Biking. This is my route to work each day at Copenhagenize Design Co.. Up over Knippels Bridge. 75% of Copenhageners cycle all winter. On all sorts of bikes.
Viking Biking_12
Along Hans Christian Andersen's Boulevard, rush hour looks like this. It's only one light cycle but a bit of snow doesn't stop the bicycles.
Viking Biking_10
Cargo bikes roll on, as well.
Viking Biking_23
Like any other day, I stop at Sweet Treat for coffee before getting to the office. A fantastic little café to visit if you're in town.

13 January 2016

Viking Biking

My morning commute this morning in the snow. #VikingBiking #copenhagen
Winter is upon us here in Copenhagen. Snow last week. Temperatures below freezing - and even farther with the inevitable wind chill. Still, the bicycles rolled on.

For more photos of Viking Biking - Copenhageners cycling in the snow and cold - check out our Copenhagen Viking Biking blog on Tumblr.

Viking Biking_5

12 January 2016

New Year's Eve in Copenhagen with Bicycles

New Years Eve Viking Biking
New Year's Eve in Copenhagen. 2015 became 2016. We headed out in the late afternoon to some friends. There is a veritable rush hour in Copenhagen from about 16:30 to 18:00. Traditionally, you get to where you're going by 18:00 to hear the Queen speak on television, with a little glass of wine or champagne. The bicycle traffic falls dramatically after 18:00. Parties are getting started all across the city.

There was drizzle when we left, which meant an umbrella was needed.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_1
Unfortunately, the umbrella didn't work so... an alternative style was required.

New Years Eve Viking Biking_3
The Biomega cargo bike was loaded with food and loads of wine for the evening ahead.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_2
The cycle tracks were filled with revellers heading off to their parties.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_4
Later... much later... it was time to head home. We saw this group of friends parting ways at an intersection. Saying thanks for a great night to each other.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_6
We rolled through the city, which was still bustling with life even at three in the morning.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_7
These three girls asked for directions to their next party.
New Years Eve Viking Biking_8
They spotted their destination after some discussion and off they went as we headed home.

11 January 2016

VikingBiking in Copenhagen

Yes. They are at it again. Copenhagen Cyclists wallowing in the snow. And looking chic in spite of the cold. Enjoy the ride! Above: Matching leggings and bag. Below: Superior silver in the snow.

Snow or Summer all black is as stylish and popular as ever!

Lots of fury outfits - faux and real.

For the men tweed is just right for the cold season.

Happy Cycling!