19 November 2014

The All Blacks

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 2611

Danish women love black. Black bikes. Black Boots. Black bags.

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2012 - 4447

From top to bottom alike.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 0960

Black carries a natural elegance that attracts many girls.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2012 - 8151

Black suit looks great on the guys too.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2012 - 8149

Happy Cycling!

17 November 2014

Red and Yellow Heading for Autumn

Copenhagen Autumn Morning
Methinks we're seeing a pattern here. We're heading into deep autumn here in Copenhagen and it certainly appears that the best colour to go with yellowing leaves is... red. As these morning commuting shots attest.
Copenhagen Autumn Morning
Matching your clothes to the colours of the seasons is a much underrated pursuit but no less important than matching your clothes to your bicycle of choice.
Copenhagen Autumn Morning
It's also wonderful to consider how the simple act of cycling can easily become a painting.
Copenhagen Autumn Morning
And the boots are back, for sure.

15 November 2014

Break Out The Gloves

Elegance on Wheels
As we ease into winter through the transition of autumn here in Copenhagen, we're in the midst of another transitional in mainstream bicycle culture. We love to see all the lovely hats and scarves and gloves come out.

Gloves are one thing that always trigger a one or two week period where we start to realise that it may be time to break them out. We all know it well here. You head off one morning and realise it's damn chilly but your gloves are packed away somewhere in your home. You make a mental note to yourself to dig them out. You forget. Next chilly day, another mental note.

Springtime Glove Removal

Eventually, you find them and put them by the door. Then you forget to take them when you leave. You finally remember to take them with you, and put them on. In the afternoon, however, heading home or onwards into the evening, they're in your bag or your pockets. Then the chill catches you unawares once again. You'll ride along, fishing them out of your pocket or dig them out at a red light, like the photo above, and put them. Unless of course you just think... "I don't have far to go... I'll suck it up."

Shoulder Check
After this seasonal transitional phase (the exact opposite is true in the spring), your gloves become second nature. They're rarely forgotten and keep your fingers warm until the spring launches its Occupy Winter rallies in March and April.

Red Glove
We felt like showing a little series of red gloves from Copenhagen but whatever the colour or fabric or style, the bike lanes of Copenhagen will soon be coloured with them.

Slush Puppy

Orange Gloves

Red Glove Acceleration

Red Flash of Gloves


Copenhagen Chilling

Copenhagen Lost and Foundish 02

12 November 2014

Portraits of cyclists - Mie: “My first bike trip on a cargo-bike was the safest bike ride I've ever had.”


"I live in the borough of Vesterbro in Copenhagen. I cycle every day with this vintage mid-race bike."

"What is your favorite route in Copenhagen?"
"I love the route I cycle to go to work. I ride through my borough, which is very lively, and then I cross the harbor using nice bridges. During this commute I get many experiences in one.”

"What is your most unforgettable memory related to cycling in this city?"

"My first bike trip on a cargo-bike was quite an experience. A while after I settled down here, I borrowed a cargo-bike. I cycled very slowly because I was afraid it could tilt. But nothing happened and I realized that it was the safest bike ride I've ever had."

Mie - Portrait

Mie - Bell

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5 November 2014

Portraits of Cyclists - Isabel: “In Belgium, when I cycle from one town to another, I just follow the canal”

Isabel - portrait

"I'm from Ghent in Belgium. I'm in Copenhagen for a couple of days to visit the city.

I'm used to cycling in my own city but in Ghent we don't have these completely separated lanes. The tram in Ghent makes cycling in the city a bit more complicated, especially when it rains.

In Belgium, I cycle often from Ghent to my parents' town. It's 35 km away from Ghent but I just have to follow the canal. Sometimes, on this track, I run into my friends who are heading back to their hometown, too, and we cycle together."


Isabel  - detail

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29 October 2014

Portraits of Cyclists - Sofie: “Copenhagen has a nice dynamic thanks of the cyclists riding in the streets"


“I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle every day with this second-hand bike. Cycling does cost anything and it's a good way to exercise, so I don't even have to think about going to the gym.

I like cycling in Nørrebrogade, since the bike lanes are extremely wide. I also appreciate cycling along the lakes, on the bike lane covered by the trees.

I think that in Copenhagen, you have a nice dynamic thanks of the cyclists riding in the streets and you don't find it in other city.”

“What is the funniest memory from your childhood related to cycling?”
“A friend and I liked riding our bikes without the hands on the handlebar. But an old man living in the street was always annoyed seeing us doing that. He was always shouting that it was dangerous and he did not want to call the ambulance. But we never stop doing it."

Sofie - portrait

Sofie - Bag

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22 October 2014

Portraits of cyclists : Learning to cycle at 12 is considered as “very late”


I from Copenhagen. I bike to work almost every day. Actually, it can depend on the weather. I cycle around 15 kilometers.
I'm a manager at Nike, so I must be well dress-up when I go to work on weekdays.”

What is your favorite route in the city?”
Definitely, where there are the less people.”

What is the first memory which comes to you mind related to cycling and your childhood?”
I was 12 when I learned cycling, and this is considered to be very late. So, I remember that I was very embarrassed.”

Nike - portrait

Nike - basket

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15 October 2014

Portraits of cyclists - Mads: “It's a bike from the 70's”


Where did you get you nice Peugeot race bike?”
I bought it when I started working as a carpenter. The workshop was 20 km from my home. I preferred biking than taking the bus, in order to manage my own time. So, I bought this race bike. It's a bike from the 70's, I think.

To finish, I just would like to suggest that people should bike more.”

Mads - Portraits

Mads - bike

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14 October 2014

Cycle Chic in Nantes (France)

Cycling right in the heart of the city with almost no more cars.

Nantes will host Vélo-City 2015 and Cycle Chic went there to photograph Citizen Cyclists. Read more about the cycling policy in Nantes on Copenhagenize.com: Nantes - A City Getting it Right.

Cycling on a pedestrian street allowed to the bicycle users.

Cycling on the square closed to the car traffic.

Family time on a Bicloo.

Bike to work on a Bicloo.

8 October 2014

Portraits of cyclists : A story of bike and happiness


I have been living in Copenhagen for many years. I cycle here every day with my purple bike. Actually, I live a little bit outside the city, 7 km from here (the city-center). I work at the Royal Theatre.”

Do you have a favorite route when you cycle through the city?”
Of course! I like to bike in the center. The atmosphere is so cosy and the streets are full of people.”

Have you noticed that here we're in a bicycle street? Cars must follow the pace of the cyclists.”
No. But it's really interesting.”

Your bike and your earrings are the same color.”
It's not a coincidence. I like pink and purple. I receive lots of compliments about my bike. People don't hesitate to tell me that seeing a purple bike makes them happy. It happened to me a couple of time. I didn't know these people, they just came to me - quite often when it was a grey day - and they said “I'm sorry... but I would like to say... your bike... it makes me so happy”. So, I replied that I'm really happy too. It gives me lots of good energy.”


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