9 December 2016

Casual Cool Cargo Cyclists

They are on the same line. They both have a red light, but we know that in Copenhagen cyclists get green light few seconds earlier. Yes, in Copenhagen guys with cargo bikes rules!

It is true. You just get so happy while cycling in Copenhagen!

It is basically your second home.

As easy as it can be... Going to pick up kids or just cruising... CARGO BIKE!

Happy Cargo Cycling!

8 December 2016

Double Dealing Days, Part II

No matter where you are going to and what you are doing. The streets of Copenhagen with cycling lines wide enough to fit two cyclists cycling together side by side gives you a possibility to share these beautiful everyday moments with your friends.

It is pretty ordinary in Copenhagen to see couples cycling from A-to-B. It is cheaper, faster, better and lets be honest - later you can use the money for a nice, romantic dinner together.

It starts with couples and continues with families...

Take your friend and share the ride !!! 

Happy Cycling!

7 December 2016

Last Impression Given on a Bicycle

As she put herself together, getting ready to cruise off on her bicycle, she felt the urge to give away a subtle goodbye.

Her bicycle became an extension of her legs, while the rest of her held tight to the moment.

Seconds before her exit, she knew with her bicycle she couldn't be shy.


Her last impression was made and could not be stolen.

Happy Cycling!

6 December 2016

Cycle Chic Christmas Red


Red, leather gloves


Red, cotton beret 


Red beanie on a red jopo

P.S. spot the Danish flag in the back...


Red beret #2


Red scarf on red cheeks


& red beanie #2 

December has begun and bright, merry red is now easy to spot among the people on bicycles in the urban fabric of Copenhagen. Riding a bicycle can be the best way to spread the holiday cheer...

Happy Cycling!

5 December 2016

One Girl, One Bicycle & a Sunny Morning

Here she comes, gradually and gracefully moving forward. As always, she wakes up every morning, puts on the what she feels good in and decides to ride. 

She rides knowing where she is going, but her destination is not in mind. Her mind is on the ride and everything that comes with it. 

The ease from the morning light and severe breeze bring out the best in her, as you can see. 

Pink coat, black leather gloves, soft lipstick & loose hair on a dutch style bike with a weave basket. Her intentions are a mystery, but her determination for a mission is obvious. 

She moves freely through the urban fabric because it clearly belongs to her. On a December morning, she gave everyone on her path the gift of simple grace on a bicycle. 

3 December 2016

Carry it with You, People!

Regarding to our previous blog post, here is a sequel with people carrying stuff. More casual, more understandable.
For example, this lady above. Fitting her bag perfectly into her black basket. We all know how important and handy it is to have a every day bag that fits your basket!!!

Young generation, always ready for exciting adventures that their day might bring...
Her basket might not fit perfectly to her pink dotted bag, but it doesn't steal away attention from the sleekness of her bike. Moreover, she puts on backpack and crossover bag and still look flawless while rolling through the streets of Copenhagen. Red lips, blushed cheeks - look that kills!!!!

Can you feel how the modern, urban transportation blends together in this picture? And still bicycle is the best choice for getting from A to B in our cities, because you can feel the human scale, you can feel the connectivity from person to person. Look at this guy. Music, your city, active lifestyle, backpack and box on the front rack. Everything is under control here!

This lady is definitely used to carrying a lot of stuff with here... Why? Because she is already secured herself with two baskets just in case shopping went little bit out of control!

Kid in school, time for party...
Heading into the city with flowers and bag in the basket. Want to create a cozy look for your bike and still carry everything with you like she does? Braided basket is your choice.

Happy Cycling!

2 December 2016

Carry it with You, Guys!

This is known as the safe way how to carry your things with you while cycling from A to B. The Safe Way - if your bike is without any kind of rack.

Then, of course, you can step up your game by putting your bag on bicycle handlebar. It is known that this may affect your ability to maneuver ... still it is a way how to get your things from A to B when cycling.

Or just carry your bag in one hand while the other one is on the handlebar... This might be even sketchier, but still, a way how to get from A to B.

If it gets really hard to cycle with your bag... you can always hop off the bike.

Although, we believe that you should just upgrade your bike with some front rack. It does not have to be a basket (leave it for the woman). As you can see it is chic, easy and lets face it - you can carry a lot more if you have to.

Spoke too soon about baskets and leaving them to women... This one suits the handsome gentleman really good.

Happy cycling!

1 December 2016

Everything is in the Details

Super sporty bicycle. As well as the shoes. But his outfit... Pay attention to the mittens, with grandma pattern, 90's beanie and 90's style glasses... Moreover, long, camel colour coat, that keeps this all together. His style is mixed, but at the same time it is perfect as it is. You will definitely notice this guy on the streets. One more detail though... He has two water bottles on his bike, so really, he is a sporty guy in the coat!

We all are aware that velvet is so chic this season. And this women keeps it chic with her black velvet jacket, that has something special - the pattern on the bottom of the jacket and in the end of the sleeves. As well as navy boots and pants. All dark, with a bright coloured bicycle. What more!

Friendship detail is the most important in this picture! However, there is always something more than that. Socks and the way how the girl on the right is wearing her bags... The classy camel coat, black, soft pants with sneakers and top it all with burgundy beanie on the left. So Copenhagener!!!!

I think you understand... The pants!!! You can't just put on pants and think that it will work just the same... Everything is in the details, as said in the caption. Pants with white sneakers and white head band - this is how it works and she knows it!

Lets face it... Her best detail is the sun flare in the photo!!! And with the red coat, black leather backpack, super cozy neck warmer and beanie... Everything in this photo works so well... She deserves every single flare in this photo.

And this woman. Is she a office woman or a bad ass hiker... Can't tell from het outfit, because she is everything. She is not afraid to mix it when heading into morning rush hour to get to work. She could have changed her backpack to something more casual, but would we notice her then?! 

Happy Cycling !!!!

30 November 2016

All Men Cycle


In Denmark, all men cycle. Through the Danish urban fabric, we can admire the diversity of personalities and fresh faces that choose the bicycle for their A-to-B. It is refreshing and inspiring to witness this kind of rawness. 

Happy Cycling!

29 November 2016

Cycling into the Sunset


There is something really special about the silhouette a person and a bicycle create together. Lighting and dedicated space helps the symbiosis as well... 

Happy Cycling!