5 January 2017

Look Out for Cargo Ladies

Three-wheeled cargo bikes with ladies by the handlebars are a familiar sight in Copenhagen – they are the perfect solution for urbanites wanting to drop the kids off at nursery or simply after attacking the local shopping mall during the weekend. Cargo bikes give you freedom to move and bring the stuff that you need in your everyday life without any problem. Moreover, the infrastructure in Copenhagen is designed wide enough to provide the space for cargo bikes, so you never feel unwelcome. 

Cargo bike with the kid and the dog inside. Why not. 

Cycle track wide enough to ride along with your older child and while the youngest is still inside the cargo bike.

Catching the sunlight together is the best way.

In other cities you would probably see these people in the car. Not in Copenhagen.

There are no excuses. You can look elegant and chic also while riding cargo bike.

These ladies look as good as people taking public transport, car or walking. Urban cycling, even with cargo bikes, is an everyday activity that does not limit you from dressing up nicely. You can cycle and still look pretty, be healthy and overall happy. You can pick up your kids from school or go grocery shopping. Cargo bike is the right choice when it comes to mobility in the city!!!

Happy Cycling!

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