1 November 2016

Cycle Chic Polaroids

Motion in the urban landscape.

In an urban world where people travel on two wheels without metal shields blocking out oxygen or interaction, the urban landscape is much more raw. We are all exposed to one another. Our emotions, scents and priorities can be received from a mile away. Who we are is shared with all who spontaneously or intentionally moves next to us in the public space. Cycle Chic is about capturing this rawness, the simplicity of what people do on the streets, accompanied by their bicycles of course. We thought an accurate way to project the uniqueness of danish society was through Polaroid pictures, a raw medium that cannot be edited, duplicated or forgotten. Here's a set of four 600 film polaroid photos shot in a chilly, autumn afternoon with a 1988 Cool Cam. 

Kid in the back, no problem!

Three wheels and three humans. That's one neat, cosmic cargo bicycle!

Number 200. 
She's holding her new born close and pushing the oldest on the cargo bike, beautiful.

Happy Cycling!

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