9 August 2012

Copenhagen Hats

Human Details 01
Sometimes hipster, often elegant or dapper, occasionally sassy.  Whatever the mood, hats add a certain element of flair to any ensemble. 
Hat Phone Electronic Device
Cool Evening Couple


Anonymous said...

I usually wear a hat when I'm riding around town and have acquired a rather chic collection. I felt anything but elegant the other day, though, when a light breeze sent my hat flying when I sped up going through an intersection. I recovered my undamaged hat from the street after several anxious minutes at the curb watching car avoid crushing it. Grateful for it's recovery but lost my cycle chic groove for the morning.

Mary said...

I hear you, She Rides a Bike. Growing up in Kentucky and N. Carolina, I've got an affinity for floppy southern belle hats that just won't fade. Unfortunately, Copenhagen's wind is equally stubborn. Lesson learned. Now I go for the 'hand perched casually on top of my head' look as though that's how one should ride - hat or no hat. Not as classy as a Derby event but hey, at least we get to keep our hats :)