8 August 2012

Dublin Cycle Chic

Dublin Cycle Chic_3
Copenhagenize was recently in Dublin on business.  Between meetings there was plenty of time for seeing the streets and people of Dublin.
Dublin Cycle Chic_2
Pretty certain this girl is riding the same bicycle as the gentleman in the first image.  Coincidence? Funkalicious new leopard print bike share bikes?
Dublin Cycle Chic_15
Looks like baskets beat out front racks in Dublin.
Dublin Cycle Chic Fashion Show 05
This shot from an earlier trip to launch Dublin Cycle Chic. Here you can see a film from the fashion show.  Chances are you'll be seeing a few more photos like the one above as today kicks off Copenhagen Fashion Week.


the g said...

Those yellow leopard print bikes are cheap bikes sold on the quays. They look so fun!

Alan E Hill said...

The little girl seems to be riding a 24" wheel. The gents bike seems to have a rear light and a front rack. IMHO :-)

Iudith said...

those leopard bikes are quite popular in Holland as well

Cleric said...

The guy on the leopard bike is Chinese and he name is Sara, he used to cycle with his GF on the back carrier and we actually put small folding pegs for her on the back, than they come for the front carrier and later for the small basil crate :-)these bikes are from us, we are the little bike shop on the quays us AngelCruisers.ie 5 Lover ormond quay, Dublin 1 :-)

Madkrakatoa said...

Those are the moments when I love internet! you are in Copenhagen and post some pictures from your trip to Dublin, one of them is about a chic leopard printed bike with no additional info, then hours later the same bike shop owner appears with more information! You must love this!

Mary said...

We do absolutely love this! Thank you all for the comments and info :)

Cleric said...

Customer of ours told us she saw article with our bikes. In Ireland we are the pioneers in ladies cycling, making cycling in Ireland popular since 2009 check our fb page AngelCruiser.com ;-)

Cleric said...

one thing for the lady on the third picture, send her to us we sell her adult bike :-D so she does not have to have half a meter long seatpost and knees still touching the chin :-P