10 August 2012

Bike Shares Around the Republic, Part I

Barcelona Cycle Chic_12
Barcelona's bicing
We did a tour for a wonderfully attentive and sharp group of visitors from Washington, D.C. earlier this week.  From the Summit Foundation's Sustainable Cities program they were researching and experiencing, well, sustainable cities.  Bike share systems of course play a role and got us thinking, what is it, in the simplest explanation, that makes bike share such A Good Thing.
Fashionable Tourists
Copenhagen's City Bike
Boiled down to one easy phrase, it redemocratises the bicycle.  It brings the bicycle back to the city's residents.  It boldly reintroduces the bicycle as urban transport. This is one of the key points in Mikael's keynote, "Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling," and features in much of our work at Copenhagenize.
Copenhagen Cycle Chic Goes To Paris
Velib in Paris
Business men and women, Chic'sters, hipsters, going about their daily business with a little two-wheeled help.  No wonder we like it so much.
Dublin Cycle Chic_25
Montreal Cycle Chic_9Montreal Cycle Chic_8Montreal Bixi Transport
Moving people and furniture.  One Montreal Bixi at a time.

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