7 March 2011

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Langebro Ascent Glancing at the Harbour
The bad news is that you have to go up one side of the bridge.
Langebro Ascent
Up, up you must go.

Langebro Descent - Gliding 902
The good news is that you get to glide down the other side.
Langebro Descent - Gliding

Langebro Descent - Blue Hat

The Copenhagener in the top photo is doing something that is hard to avoid. She's glancing out over the water and the harbour. No matter how busy you are, you have to glance at the water, it seems.

This is what the harbour looks like over a six-month period:


Ricardo said...

Great pics as usual.
In the last 2 pics, something came out: the ladies are both wearing Timberland like boots and they're not using the tip of the foot, as it should be.
I wonder if they'd use the heel of their stilettos to push the pedals...

Klaus Mohn said...

@ricardo: well, the ball of your foot is what you should be using, actually. Pedal with the tip and you're liable to get some stress pains. Nonetheless, urban cyclists use various foot position depending on their mood and choice of footwear: it's what feels good on a city bike. And putting the pdal closer to the arch DOES feel better in climbs.

Anonymous said...

These comments tend to be almost as weird as the concept behind the site. Have you got any photos of Danish chicks trying to chase you off with umbrellas?

davidrestes said...

Watched the video, so many cloudy days...

Clyde S. Dale said...

Going uphill to or on bridges is FUN! Bring it!

I am SO wanting to see Copenhagen from my saddle -- enough to make it a 'bucket list' item.

Craig. said...

You call those hills :)

Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

The video must be made from putting the cam in the same place every time taking the shot. Did you put a mark in a place?

sac cycle chic said...

Love the video!

mountain bikes australia said...

Nice captures Mikael. I very much like the video which shows how the look of the harbour changes with the changing weather over six months time. No wonder those cyclists wanted to have a look at the harbour when they were riding their bikes on the the bridge. It is a picturesque view.

aronman said...

this post reminds me a great short-film with the same title: