6 March 2011

Bike Shop Gentlemen

London Cycle Chic Bobbin Boys
When I was in London last week I hooked up with some friends and colleagues. Three guys who sell bicycles to Citizen Cyclists and work towards cementing bicycle culture in our cities. At left is Tom from Bobbin Bicycles in London. At right is Eric from Curbside Cycles in Toronto.
London Cycle Chic Bobbin Head Badge
Here's Tom's personalised head badge thingy on his bicycle. A little pin-up sticker. Nice touch.
London Cycle Chic Andrea
We all bumped into each other outside of Velorution - the bicycle shop run by Andrea, above. Looking dapper as you like with his Danish Pedersen bicycle.


captn said...

Sitting there she's transformed from a pin-up to a figurehead.
Like this golden-haired little mermaid.

John said...

Ha, good to see Tom on the very website we talked out when I was in Bobbins buying a rather dapper cycle pannier bag.