2 December 2010

More Morning Traffic

Dronning Louises Bridge 011
Sometimes I have a hard time imagining living somewhere else.
Dronning Louises Bridge 02
All the goodness inherent in urban cycling and having large numbers of bicycles in our cities is definately an idea worth spreading. See what I have to say about how The Culture of Fear puts this at risk in my talk at the TED x Copenhagen day last Tuesday. The Copenhagen version of the TED.com talk series.
Dronning Louises Bridge 012

Dronning Louises Bridge 005

Dronning Louises Bridge 007


Dottie said...

Love these! That's almost exactly how my morning commute looked this morning, except there were only a couple other cyclists and cars were breathing down my neck.

Unknown said...

Keep up these great posts! Past few days I've been reading the same old
-"Canada has only 2-4 months of cycling weather" or the typical
-"you can't cycle in the winter".

I've passed along your previous three posts not only to show you CAN ride in any condition, but do it in style!

edward said...

Lovely shots as usual Mikael but you spelled definitely wrong - again!

Kiwehtin said...

That first picture is outstanding.

Jess Green said...

Long time reader; first time commenter: I really enjoyed your TEDx talk about the culture of fear. And it goes without saying; love the photographs!

El Viajero Austral said...

Nice pictures and brave people! Here in Spain we are not so used to bike in such weather.
I have a photo blog in which I've posted two entries about bicycles that maybe you'd like to watch at:




Jeff said...

Living in South Australia on Eyre Peninsula where we have no running water at all and a average rainfall of only 18 inches a year. I cant even imagine it being this cold. Still I commute to work with no problem when it is 43 Celcius. Something cyclists in Copenhagen would find daunting as well.