1 December 2010

Morning Traffic

Dronning Louises Bridge 008
Ooh. Chilly. Pushing - 20 C with the wind chill. Go Copenhagen Go!
Dronning Louises Bridge 002

Dronning Louises Bridge 004


A Good Moroccan said...

Looks rather cold !

Hans Ditlev Nissen said...

The second image here made me hear Wagner. Again.
The first time was when I saw the post below about the art of of viking-biking. The first one of those pictures! What a shot. The snow makes her clothes look like an armor. Her protecting collar, 'sallet' and 'gauntlets'. A true female warrior. A Valkyre. Like the ones here, especially 10:40:

And her expression! That lady of the storm may not sing as well (who knows?) but she projects the image of the riding female hero much better than the actors. Seen through your lens. (Nobody does this better than you.) She becomes another 'icon' of the city. As important to understand as this one (same coin):

Shinykatie said...

It's great to see everyone braving the weather! Although I often think that rain and snow aren't so much a problem -- you can wrap up to avoid the worst of it -- what I really hate is the wind blowing you to a near-standstill! But maybe I'm just not as tough as some people!

I always used to make my decision about whether to commute by bike based on how much the trees in my garden were being blown about. Nowadays, I'm a fair-weather cyclist thanks to the fact that I work from home!

There are some nice suggestions for winter cycling clothes over on the Jorg&Olif site: http://jorgandolif.com/2010/11/23/cool-cycling-winter-warmers/