3 December 2010

Back on the Bridge

Dronning Louises Bridge 013_1
Some more wintry shots from Queen Louise's Bridge over The Lakes during the morning rush hour.
Dronning Louises Bridge 013

Dronning Louises Bridge 01


my hyggelig said...

This is where it all really clicked for me oh so many years ago now. These shots...winter...beautiful bicycles...beautiful people. This post is like coming home. Thank you Mikael.

Robert, Dublin said...

Lady no.1 is gloveless and smoking- now *that's* hardcore!


Unknown said...

Cool Copenhagen Cycle Chic Smoking Some Cigarettes.

I cycle 3000 miles/year.
I'm a Copenhagner.
I smoke.
I'm cool - or...

david...no the other one! said...

Persons in last photo appear almost ghostlike.