3 December 2010

Climate Change - Australia Cycle Chic

Lara Inc Switch Flops Cycle Chic
Climate Change is a serious issue. It can also be quite depressing. When the climate changes to winter here in Copenhagen, it's changing to summer Down Under. Lucy from Sydney Vintage Bikes sent us these shots from a recent campaign in Sydney. Bondi, to be precise. They were taken by Lara Inc. - Sydney’s most respected fashion and lifestyle events agency and were in conjuction with an event for Switch Flops.

Lucy provided the vintage bikes for the event.
Lara Inc Switch Flops Cycle Chic (3) Lara Inc Switch Flops Cycle Chic (6)
While we wouldn't want to live anywhere else but Copenhagen, we certainly wouldn't mind a little Australian holiday right about now.
Lara Inc Switch Flops Cycle Chic (8) Lara Inc Switch Flops Cycle Chic (2)
Remember, you always have Sydney Cycle Chic for more photos from Down Under.
Lara Inc Switch Flops Cycle Chic (4)

Meanwhile, back at Cycle Chic Headquarters in Copenhagen:


Jim Moore said...

Ah, the cruel irony, especially for someone like me who lives in Australia, that ad agencies here nearly always here show helmetless riders in flagrant disregard of our illogical mandatory helmet law for cyclists.
But I got a big laugh from the shot of the frozen phalanx, I mean, headlight.
Keep the pressure on everybody with your pro-choice presentations and cheeky ads as I believe this is all helping to turn the tide so that Australia may sooner rather than later join the civilised cycling world and be free of this stupid law.

Stela ALVES said...

Lovely Blog!!!Street Style by Stela

saskia said...

Yeah we know what you want in frosty Copenhagen!
It's still a bit nippy for bikinis on bikes in Bondi but give us another few weeks and the chicas of Sydney Cycle Chic will see what we can do :-)

how funny to see my local organic grocer on copenhagen cycle chic

Uncle Allan said...

puuhaaa frossen klokke! Det er skræmmende at det er hvad der venter os når vi lander i Danmark i morgen!!
Tak for beskeden, Jeg mailer når jeg er tilbage foran min egen computer med billeder!

ttv said...

Wow! that's lovely. I love cycling during sunny day.

Anonymous said...

I love the last pic with the ice icicles on the bike, gotta love those rust-proof powder coated Dutch bikes!

Courtney Hilton said...

Nothing better then girls on bikes in swimsuits :)
reminds me of Ragbrai

Anonymous said...

The icicles are beautiful! More pics of bicycles with icicles please ;)