16 July 2010

Floral Transport

Floral Transport
Checking his map of the city to figure where to go.

Floral Transport Departure
Heading off to go there. In fantastic summer style.


Anonymous said...

Mikael, A wonderful picture! but, since you comment so often on 'fantastic heels' for the ladies, I'm surprised you didn't mention this gent's fantastic toes? And do the great hats that appear in your last 4 photos also constitute a theme?

Mange tak, for your boundless creative energy and good will!

Tom in Tucson

Victory Garden Yarn said...

Those are some seriously snappy shoes. LOVE!

kfg said...

I would like to thank you for posting, in this pair and the pair in the previous post, for putting up some pictures of people wearing appropriate head protection devices for cycling.

I hope it encourages people to take the issue seriously and follow their lead. Think of the children.

kfg said...

P.S. The editor I hired after I sacked my last editor has been sacked.

Unknown said...

so lovely and touching scene to see.