24 November 2008

Hazy Bikeness

The summer is almost forgotten now with snow drizzling down, the wintery winds blowing and chilly rain washing the light away...
Velomama is working too much work and has crept inside to get all cosy & back into the cyclelicious mood.

So let's be nostalgic, shall we!?
Summer Haze

Sometimes Copenhagen's like a dream and you don't want to wake up...
La Vita È Bella Horsies
Come Inside Decadence

I love this slogan: It's only love give it away...
Only Love


Adrienne said...

We are having summer flashbacks every other day, here in San Francisco. Today was cold and windy, yesterday was quite warm and sunny, the day before, even more so. One day we are wearing flip flops, the next, knee high boots. The back and forth is getting a bit tiresome. I, for one, wish the cold would just come so I could put my summer things away and make some room in my closet.

Terence Sambo said...

bike are so chic :o)