25 November 2008

Motion Picture Bicycles

Headlights - TV

Here's another music video featuring the bicycle and a healthy portion of Cycle Chic. A group called Headlights with their single 'TV' from their debut album 'Kill Them With Kindness'. Really quite lovely. Cool bike, cool and casual people. Thanks to Colin for the heads up.

And while this is not a music video, it certainly is Brasil Cycle Chic. It's an advert for an auto insurance company who are promoting the bicycle. Nice irony. Makes me long for Brasil and Rio. Beautiful cinematography.

Here's a fun t-shirt design now available in our online boutique. These signs used to be standard in Denmark, featuring a dapper cyclist on a normal bike and complete with a brimmed hat. Let them all know that a stylish cyclist is on the way. There is a gentleman's t-shirt [pictured] and a couple of ladies styles.


Ed said...

There is a bit of paradox there. If you are wearing that white t-shirt, you are not a stylish cyclist. Maybe they should print that warning symbol on a tweed blazer or wool sweater vest :)

Adrienne Johnson said...

Ed- If I was wearing that shirt, I would make it very chic. It ain't the shirt, it's the person in it!

Ed said...

That's true - of course it can be done quite stylish. I'm picturing an American in baggy shorts and sporty sunglasses wearing the t-shirt as a top

Adrienne said...

Ed- Some of us Americans manage to pull a little bit of style together. On occasion :)

Anonymous said...

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