24 November 2008

City Hall Square

Dreamy Copenhagen
A Copenhagener crosses Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard towards the City Hall Square. Hat and heels. Basket and scarf. And everything matches the Copenhagen blue bike lanes.
Christiania Bike Couple
A Copenhagener pedals his ladyfriend across the same intersection in their Christiania Bike.

Both photos are fine candidates for the Hat theme.

Wallpaper request fulfilled:

A couple of requests for this photo as a wallpaper came in, and here you go. 1600x1200.


Anonymous said...

- First of all, thanks as always, for you blog.
It is a daily inspiration.

- Secondly thanks for posting larger pics. I was starting to get eyestrain with those smaller pics you had been posting lately.

Is there away of seeing larger images on on your Flickr pages?

- man (in San Francisco)

Kristin Tieche said...

Cool new look to your blog!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, you two. the photos posted from flickr always got cut off, so I changed the layout a bit. And a bigger, cooler banner doesn't hurt. :-)

man... i don't have larger photos available. had too many problems with finding them elsewhere on the net... :-)

Anne-Gabrielle said...
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Terence Sambo said...


CrowMolly said...

Thank you , thank you, thank you!

And I agree with KT, the blog looks great!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks everyone!