23 November 2008

Rainy Sunday

Rain Prepared
Rainy days have established a bridgehead for winter to roll on in. It's good to be prepared for the precipitation.
Brolley City
And here, in the city centre.
There are, of course, other ways to deal with it.
Femme Fatale
Or just put up your hood and get on with it. It's only water.

For a tongue in cheek rundown of Copenhagen fashion, have a look at this page on the website for the always cool Vice Magazine, giving you the current state of the fashion nation in Copenhagen for 2008.

"People in Denmark like to refer to themselves as “laid-back” and “mellow.” They act like they don’t give a hoot about fashion, or anything else for that matter, but they mix up as many styles as possible in order to acquire absolute nonstyle, and that seems to take a pretty good amount of forethought. Anyway, the desired look is messy, slightly sexy clothes, preferably picked right out of a dirty laundry pile on your floor."

"Last year, everyone burned out on baby fashion (aka new rave), so men and women in Copenhagen are backlashing by getting into lumberjacks, anarchism, and Islam. We hereby predict that those will be the three latent fashion highlights of ’08."


Adrienne said...

Latent-anarchistic-lumberjack-muslim fashion? Plaid burkas with concealed pockets for 'The Anarchist's Cookbook' and molotov coctails? And you thought banana yellow skin suits were bad!

I must be getting old.

word verification- sculamen
'MC Sculamen was seen, just this weekend, sporting his oh so chic plaid chidor. Revelers were entertained by his ecclectic mix of trip-techno-bluegrass. Despite a great evening, nary a neck was seen.'

Colville-Andersen said...

man, that's funny, you and your verificationisation. :-)

Anonymous said...

If by "Islam" they mean the rediscovery that kefiyah, caftan and sarongs are the simplest, most functional and downright most elegant clothing every invented by man, then hey, I'm all for it.

Throw in a chlamys/brat and you're ready for just about anything (except for maybe cavalry combat, which is where the modern fashion for pants basically comes from); and lookin' good.