16 October 2008

CPH Cycle Chic in A-dam

Marc @ Amsterdamize

This is Marc from Amsterdamize who was so sweet to show Copenhagen Cycle Chic around Amsterdam this summer. We can't wait to drink him under the table if he ever dares to show up here in CPH...

A series of Amsterdam beauties:
Light Bright Biking

Stripes x 2 Blond Duo
Cool Contemplation Hop On
Will It Not Stop? Texting Chic
Magenta Mademoiselle
Star Quality
Summer Whooosh
Having A Pastel Laugh
Feminine Foldability
Dora and Lola

To say whether Amsterdam or Copenhagen is the most cycle chic city is like having to choose between salty licorice and chocolate... (very difficult for a Dane, actually!)

But then, if you can combine the two (CPH & A-dam cycle chic), why bother?

Here's a video Marc shot while biking Velomama (aka Marie) around town. We're discussing the differences between Amsterdam and Copenhagen's bike culture - for instance the use of panniers and boxes vs. baskets, the use of bike locks and the extend of traffic regulation in the two cities...


annie-san said...

I am amazed by Marc's ability to video the ride while riding. Well done!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy Marie is back at CCC...time for her to re-inject some sanity, Mikael :-p. Drinking me under the table... ha. That's so 50% Brit / bingy of you...

Thanks Annie-San, when biking is 2nd (or maybe even 1st) nature to you, the filming part is really easy. Ok, AND I have some experience in that too, I'll admit ;).

my hyggelig said...

Is there a Netherlands vibe floating around the universe today? I just posted about it myself this morning.

Marc - You must be sending out the vibes. Keep up the good work - fabulous as always!

Unknown said...

great movie :) really enjoyed.. it was like riding besides them!

thanx marc & velomama