17 October 2008

Cicloeleganza in Milano

Cicloeleganza in Milano - Copenhagen Cycle Chic
Our intrepid - and frightfully fashionable fashionista - friend Raquel from Madrid was on the Cycle Chic beat in Milano recently, recording a series of cicloeleganza shots for us here at the blog.
Milano Cycle Chic
A splendid series of shots of citizens enjoying a cycling life in the Italian city. Cyclists who are clearly feel safe and secure and who know that taking it easy is the safest way to ride.


Gratistotal said...

ohhhh thank you very much for this collage! i am now one of your cycle chic correspondent

chococat78 said...

I love the pics of just everyday people riding instead of "spandex clad pros" ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the gentleman of a certain age with his "telefonino". And everyone else. Odd that all the Milanese women seem to be in trousers, though. Where I lived in Italy there were a lot more skirts.