16 October 2008

Eek not Ick

Another cracking photo from our mate Derek Pearson of Bikerubbish.com in Washington, USA. Thanks, mate.

I've discovered that many people pronounce the title of this blog [lifestyle, movement, source of inspiration] as Chic[k], to rhyme with 'flick' or 'kick' or 'Titanic' but we'd just like to point out that when pronouncing Chic you'll be wanting to say so that rhymes with 'sleek', 'cheek' or 'fantastique'.

In other words, we're not aiming for the US English 'Chick', which orginates by the way from the Spanish 'chica' for girl. We're aiming for the French word, 'Chic' meaning "smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner". I knew that, but I found the fancy description by googling. Did you know you can type define:YOURWORD into google and press enter? It finds word meanings if you do. Try it. It's cool.

So is riding your bike complete with a surfboard rack. Thanks to Richard of Cyclicio.us fame, over in Santa Cruz, USA, for getting out there to snap it upon our request.


Get your own knuckles at the knuckle tattoo gun.

Let them know you ride chic and aren't afraid of telling people about it.


village mama said...

great pics + a fun grammar lesson, WOW, thanks!

Katie White Snow said...
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Katie White Snow said...

Love your site!
It seems to tickle you that we'd get it wrong and I hate to begrudge you, but...Americans don't say 'chick'. We pronounce it properly.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, village mama and katie. although katie, it is mostly americans and canadians with whom i've spoken that say 'chick' instead of 'chic', and that spawned this post.

Jonno! said...

Just want to mention that to an average American, 'fantastique' could easily be pronounced to rhyme with 'titanic' and other ick-ending words. And yes, Americans do say 'Chick' I hear it all the time, even in a center of cultural diversity like The Bay Area. Don't hate us we just don't know any better!

Yokota Fritz said...

Any American of the Disco Generation should know how to pronounce "CHIC." Who can forget: "Ahhhh, FREAK OUT! Le Freak C'est Chic"?

Thanks for the photo and link love!

Anonymous said...

maybe it was a joke and I'm being a pain in the arse (hope not), but chick is short for chicken, even when used for addressing a young lass. In Glasgow we call them 'hen' :)

Love this Blog. Mange tak.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should start showing more stylish men on bikes - so everyone sees from the pictures that it is less about the chicks and more about the chique. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the longboard in the picture.

Anonymous said...

I love the longboard in the picture.