17 June 2012

Vitória Cycle Chic - Sunday Streets

Vitoria Bike
Like most modern cities, Vitoria closes off streets on Sundays so that the citizens can ride bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, or whatever they like. It's called Ciclovia in some places. It's brilliant. Here's a bit of what I saw in Vitoria last month.

Vitoria Surf and Pull
Riding with a surfboard is nothing special in Brazil, but I love that he is towing the boy along with the rope.

Vitoria Skate and Ride_2
Skateboards and bicycles are also standard fare in Brazil, but this is just spectacular.

Vitoria Cyclists_1 Vitoria Cyclists Vitoria Cyclists
Family time.

Vitoria Cyclists Doubling Vitoria Cyclist Vitoria Cyclists_7
Kids time.

Vitoria Cyclists_5 Vitoria Cyclists_6
Creative contraption time.

Vitoria Skate_4 Vitoria Skate_3 Vitoria Skate
Skate time.

Vitoria Skate and Ride
Skate/bike/family time.

Vitoria Cyclists_2
Pet time.

Bikini/bike time. It's Brazil, after all.

Vitoria Tattoo


Dora Moreira said...

It's good to know places like Vitória: without fame and not much explored by tourists.
The feeling is that you said "I Went to fantasyland."

Manouchk said...
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Manouchk said...

Wow! You've seen so many thing in Vitória! I think I should slow down a little on my bike in order to observe all those important details you've found there in the so-called "rua de lazer" of Vitória! This concept is newly installed here and there are still some people fighting against it.
I hope this will be the start of a new era for Vitória corresponding to the devolution of public space to human being...