16 June 2012

Vitória Cycle Chic - Brazil

Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride_1
I went to fantasyland. On a trip to Brazil for Cycle Chic/Copenhagenize work last month, I was invited to the city of Vitoria for a visit. I accepted happily and booked my flight from Sao Paulo. It was only once I arrived that I realised that I had no idea where on the planet I was. I hadn't looked at a map to see where Vitoria was located. I just bought the ticket and arrived there.

It was a strange sensation not knowing where I was. After having travelled the world for so many years, it felt odd. I still don't know if I was north or south of Rio de Janeiro. But it didn't matter. It was actually quite cool arriving in this beautiful city on the sea named Victory.
Vitoria Dora_3
It was Dora, from Vitoria Cycle Chic, who invited me. She is one of the many passionate individuals in our Cycle Chic Republic who are using our Cycle Chic trademark to promote cycling positively.

Dora is a bicycle stylist. Her company - Bike Caverna - restores and redesigns vintage bicycles - and Brazil is a country with A LOT of vintage bicycles.
I was given this lovely bicycle to use while in Vitoria. And there were many more of her creations on our Cycle Chic bike ride on the Sunday:
Vitoria Bicycles (2) Vitoria Bicycles_5
And of course there was a bicycle ride. That is one thing we at the Cycle Chic Republic love to do.

Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride-002
It's a beautiful little city. Located on an island facing the Atlantic. Calm and cool and oh so Brazilian. A little pearl of a place that foreign visitors rarely experience.
Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride_8 Vitoria Cycle Chic Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride_5 Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride-001 Vitoria Dora-004 Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride_2

Vitoria cycle Chic_1
It was a dreamy two days in Vitoria. Good friends, good food and lots of citizen cycling around.
Vitoria Cycle ChicVitoria Cycle Chic Ride_10

Vitoria Parking
Like many of my Brazilian friends, Dora uses her allocated parking spot at her flat for intelligent transport storage.

Vitoria Victoria Vitoria Policeman
Vitoria Tattoo Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride_4
I have discovered Fantasyland. It left an indelible impression on me.
Vitoria Dorissima

Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride_9 Vitoria Vitor_1 Vitoria Juri Vitoria Cycle Chic Ride-005

Vitoria Victoria

Vitoria Dora_2

Vitoria Cycle Chic - Dora


Rosana Buffon said...

Hi, I am brazilian and italian citizen, living in Milan since 2010, first in Brazil for 31 years! I was borned in the southern, near to Porto Alegre, as big as Vitoria - Espiro Santo. When living there I always had intention to become an urban cyclist but it was not possible at all. Great photos, I am proud to know that brazilians are going ahead with the urban ciclism, even more in the big cities! Thanks, Rosana

Dora Moreira said...

Oh, what can I say?!
Thank you so much, Mikael!
You´re very kind!
The pleasure was all mine and
you are always welcome to Vitória/ES Brazil.