2 September 2011

All Hail the Heel

Orange Elevation
It amazes us that "cycling in heels" is still something that is discussed on the internet. Women have been doing it for 125 years. You'd think that fact had sunk in by now. Go figure. Or go to the tag here on Cycle Chic called Cycling in High Heels
Urban Elegance
Here are some recent shots. We realise that heels feature more prominently in European cities than elsewhere - indeed, two-thirds of Danish women say they wear high heels on a regular basis - but the impression you get from some internet discussions is that simple act of cycling in heels is like climbing Everest. Something that Danish women find amusing.
Amsterdam Cycle Chic_25 Hellerup

Amsterdam Cycle Chic_10


Sage said...

They also can't believe that we *gasp* ride without helmets. Some people need to get out more. Not everyplace is like their neighborhood.

My bike is transportation, I dress for where I'm going, not the bike ride. A lot of people who don't do it don't understand bikes as transportation, so high heels, short skirts, and no helmet is too much for them to handle ;)

Jenny! said...

I get comments on this all the time, living in a mid-size city in Canada. When people look shocked that I ride in heels, I just tell them the truth: it's easier to bike in heels than it is to walk in them. That usually gives them something to think about!

Amy said...

Riding in heels for me is no problem. Walking in them, on the other hand is a different story! Just something I never mastered. :)

Ottawa bike guy said...

But how do they clip on to the pedals?

Jenny, biking in heels is still a fairly rare sight in my mid-size Canadian city (Ottawa) but ballet flats are very popular.


Frits B said...

Clip on to the pedals? Tsk tsk tsk ...

ATX Bikette said...

Definitely agree with the harder to walk in than to bike in comments!