1 September 2011

Amsterdam Rush Hour Cycle Chic

Amsterdam Cycle Chic_11
We like the afternoon rush hour in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam Cycle Chic_18

Amsterdam Cycle Chic_19

Amsterdam Cycle Chic_14


kim said...

Not so sure about sharing cycle paths with scooters and what is that red thing in the last photo?

Anonymous said...

its perfectly safe. unless you panic and fall into them. the red thing is a small vehicle, referred to in the US as a "smart car." they may be able to bruise a gnat at full speed.

Frits B said...

Scooters are a complicated matter. Two variants: up to 50cc and over. Up to 50cc are theoretically limited to 25 km/h and are allowed to use the cycle path but, again theoretically, only outside town (as they are not quick enough to move with the other motorized traffic). They are a pest, and a dangerous one too. We are slowly trying to upgrade requirements (driving license, helmet) in order to force them off the cycle path.
As for the red thing, it's effectively a motorized wheelchair with a roof. Very slow, max 70cm wide so no wider than a bike's handlebars.

katieB said...

I'm more taken by the dark haired guy in the varsity jacket, leather chaps, and white socks. huh.