3 September 2011

The Bikes of Copenhagen #5 - Update

Many moons ago here on Cycle Chic we highlighted some of the bicycles that populate the bicycle lanes of the city. Looking back at our Bikes of Copenhagen post and the subsequent Danish Delight post we can see that things remain the same. Well, almost. The style - timeless, practical upright bicycles - continues unabated as it has for 125 years but there are some new brands that are making inroads on the market. So here is a quick and lazy Saturday morning update. Most of these bicycles are not available outside of Denmark or Scandinavia, but all the more reason to make a trip to Copenhagen. :-)

Having a healthy market featuring many different styles of bicycles for Citizen Cyclists is a key to promoting urban cycling to a mainstream audience.

Above is a bicycle from Danish brand Ebsen, whose bicycles are easily spotted on the streets because of their bold colours.
Ebsen - website is in Danish, but scroll down for more models.

Here is one of the models from Von Backhaus. Originally specialising in mountain bikes, we have noticed more and more upright models around town.
Von Backhaus - check out their online catalogue.

It was tough finding info about the Dresco bicycle. You see quite a few out there, but they are hard to google for some reason.We love the colours.
Dresco - here's a link to a bike shop in Copenhagen that sells them. They come in various colours.

Now Raleigh is not a Danish brand, of course, but here's an interesting story: When Raleigh stopped producing their classic designs from the 1920's, a Danish distributor wasn't at all pleased. These bikes were still popular in Denmark. As we understand it, he was allowed to licence the retro design and produce the classic Raleigh models solely for the Danish market and has done so ever since.

It's still a hoot to compare Raleigh's Danish website with Raleigh's US website or even Raleigh's UK Website. A textbook example of how bicycles are mainstream in Denmark and (still) relegated to being sport or recreation in other countries.

Raleigh in Denmark also sell their Tourist Deluxe model for gentleman.

A bike shop in Copenhagen imports various models of the Italian Bici Victoria brand. Above is the Inglese model.
Bici Victoria - Link to a Lucas Cykler, a local bike shop who drive down to Italy to pick up these bicycles from the factory.

You don't see many bicycles from the Dutch brand Gazelle in Denmark - new or vintage - but rest assured they are available on the market here.
Gazelle - Link to their Dutch website.

Another Dutch brand - Van de Falk - is popular among students.
Van de Falk - Danish site that sells them.


Jo said...

When I visited Copenhagen earlier this year, one thing that surprised me was that among all the classic bikes I didn't spot a single Gazelle. Did I simply miss them, or are they less popular than elsewhere?

raydenzel1 said...

The states copies many things from Europe, but not how to set up cities so that it is easy to get around on bikes.

Lars Barfred said...

I think several of our best bikesmith is left our; Cykelmageren. (http://cykelmageren.dk/) in addition to making cool stylish mad to order bikes, they develop really beautiful parts, you won´t see anywhere else. If you visit Copenhagen/Denmark and want to check out the danish specialitis, do also check out Baisikeli (rent your bike here), Nihola (almost next door to the Vesterbro shop). and Christiania Bikes (well you are going to Christiania anyway, right?)

Frits B said...

I doubt that Van de Falk is a Dutch brand, if only because of the spelling. Dutch hotel chain Van der Valk does operate a bike rental scheme from their hotels; these bikes are e-bikes made by Union. And Google doesn't turn up any bike manufacturer of that name, only referrals to Danish shops that sell them.

Anonymous said...

Amazing bikes. You're luck yo cycle in a pancake-flat city and to enjoy those great cruisers.

Belles said...

Apparently, some of our bike shops in Perth are selling more vintage style bikes at the moment than anything else!! That's very heartening as we have a long way to go in regards to developing a bike culture. I've been documenting a lot of what is happening on our locally as well as a few other Australian cities I have visited lately.....there are some very cool bikes out there on our streets...

Colville-Andersen said...

These bicycles are also prominent in our hilly cities in Denmark and bicycles like them are present in hilly cities all over Europe. Just as they have been for 125 years.

Mark McClure said...

Is there a bike shop in Denmark that would send me a Raleigh bike? I'm serious. I'd pay the freight.

Anonymous said...

no Batavus?

Lars Barfred said...

Mark, While I agree the classic Raleigh Tourist Deluxe has a stylish look, the bike is basically shit, really lousy quality!

mazin said...

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