20 July 2011

Sao Paulo Friends

Sao Paolo Bike Joy
Some of the incredibly lovely and cool people who took very good care of me when I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last week to give my talk about Promoting Urban Cycling.
Sao Paolo Guapas

Sao Paolo Push

Sao Paolo Daniel Guth_1

Sao Paolo Leandro

Sao Paolo Gata do Rodas

Sao Paolo Slow Bicycle Challengers


Aline Cavalcante said...

thanks for your visit to Sao Paulo. We love to meet you and share "cyclists experiences". come back to visit us many times. kiiiisses!

Cristiane Iannacconi said...

Very cool!
Bjão pros paulistas bikers...

remy hair said...

Lots Of information about to ride the bicycle..:) i really like it!