21 July 2011

Meanwhile, Back in Copenhagen

Yep, we're travelling alot with Cycle Chic at the moment. The brand and the movement is growing from strength to strength. Not least since the Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference we are planning some major advancements in the Cycle Chic network and brand. The core network is strong and motivated and despite the fact that there are certain individuals out there - with blogs and even companies - who are exploiting the Cycle Chic name for profit or personal gain without ever having had the courtesy to ask us for permission - The Imposters - we are geared for making Cycle Chic bigger and better. United we stand.

Once in awhile, we get to hang out in our beloved Copenhagen. Which is always brilliant.

Contemplating Parking
Contemplating a parking spot - in exquisite style - on a residental street.
Smiling. For no particular reason. The best kind of smile.

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