4 July 2011

Sandy Toes

Cycle Chic Bloggers Conference Beach _3
Boy, do I ever miss Barcelona. Riding around on the Cycle Chic bicycle, down to the beach, on to a café.

Fortunately, I'll be speaking in Brazil on Saturday, in Sao Paulo. Followed by a great party in Rio de Janeiro next week. So I'll get my fix of barefooted bicycle riding with sandy toes. Which is tough this summer here in Copenhagen.

Here's a few other barefoot bicycle shots:
Barcelona Cycle Chic Barefoot

Christiania Bike

A Little Slice of Bicycle Life


A Good Moroccan said...

The joy of summer...

Anonymous said...

Bicycles galore in the good ole US of A!


anita said...

barefooted in kraków, poland :-) http://anitakluska.blogspot.com/2011/06/boso.html