25 July 2011

Rio Bike Surf Skate

Rio Cycle Chic_38 (2)
The bicycle infrastructure in Rio de Janeiro is well-used by the cycling citizens of the city. For commuting, certainly. For going to the shops and running errands, absoultely. But this is also a city defined by it's coastline. And a coastline with waves means... surfing.
Rio Surf Transport
I've never seen so many people on bicycles carrying surfboards. Some had metal hooks attached to their bikes to carry their board, but most just rode along the cycle tracks carrying them.
Rio Cycle Chic_20

Rio Cycle Chic_19 (2)
Or whatever else they may need for a trip to the beach. Like a chair and a parasol.
Rio Cycle Chic_10
There are also countless combinations of bicycles and skateboards - and like this photo, a boogie board, too.
Rio Cycle Chic_8
There is a skate culture but it was really fascinating to see how the skateboard has gone mainstream and is, in many cases, regarded as transport.


Fashion Editorials said...

Wow!!! This is so cool, especially the girl in the first picture <3

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Kate said...

I admire the powers of balance of the people in all of the photos.

Four Wheels Good said...

I always used my skateboard for transportation since about 1979, this is hardly new. Zzzzz.....