26 July 2011

Bicycles and Skateboards

Rio Skate_4 (2)
Another wonderful thing you see all the time in Rio de Janeiro is the handy combination of skateboards and bicycles. Friends pulling each other along to speed the journey.

Rio Cycle Chic_11 (2)

Rio Cycle Chic_30 (2)

Rio Cycle Chic_10

Rio Skate_1 (2)
One of the distinct trends we hear at Cycle Chic have noticed - not just in Rio but in many of the cities we visit - is that skateboarding has become very trendy among the female demographic. Skater girls are taken to the streets, bike lanes and sidewalks of many cities more than ever before.
Rio Skate_2 (2) Rio Cycle Chic_1 (2)
Like we mentioned in the previous post, skateboards are used for fun and recreation but they really serve as transport when rolling along the beachside bicycle lanes.
Rio Skate_3 (2)

As always, we have a Flickr set featuring this subject. Bicycles and Skateboards from around the world.


Tiago Leitman said...

Talking about skateboards among the female demographic, here is a cool video from Madrid:


Collette said...

As my 8 year old Son so kindly pointed out a few weeks ago "Imagine Mum, if someone doesn't board or ride a bike, then what do they do?" A wise and thought-provoking question, me thinks (insert hands on chin in a thoughtful pose, here) :-) x

ManfredKZ said...

Just great! And I miss my home country. Cheers to all mainstream bikers

Planet MarTay said...

Hooray! These pictures are great!

Ben said...

Colette's your son's comment is super. The Rio photos show an envious outdoor bike-surf culture...I'd love to ride there....

Planet MarTay said...

I took a second glance at these pictures. The guy, nonchalantly showing off his belly, is hilarious!