18 February 2011

Vilnius Cycle Chic

Lithuania 2010
Our friend Dave from Portlandize.com was in Vilnius, Lithuania last year and it's high time we featured some Vilnius Cycle Chic. The closest we've gotten so far on our Cycle Chic travels is Riga, Latvia and we blogged about it.

For now, all eyes on Vilnius, please. They got it all goin' on.
Lithuania 2010

Lithuania 2010 Lithuania 2010

Lithuania 2010 Lithuania 2010

For more photos, visit Dave's flickr set called Cyclists of Vilnius.


analee said...

Is there any gasoline station in that place? Nice!! I'm sure all of them are healthy.

The villager: said...

Vilnius looks like a fine city.

Anonymous said...

I think Vilnius is one of the most beautiful places I've been in the world. Really one of Europe's undiscovered treasures. You should all visit someday :)

Kiwehtin said...

Too bad Amsterdamize didn't do this story. They could have headlined it "Vilnius Wielnieuws".

Nice, comfortable looking roads and sidewalk to road width ratios.

plaukas pyragely said...

Cycled for more than 2 years in Vilnius - it's actually horrible compared to... London! (yeah, while London is being criticized alot, it's much much better than this wild east town). Sidewalk? It's one of the most intensive public transport "junctions" in Vilnius so that is why it's quite wide. The rest of sidewalks is shrinking quickly - cars are priority in Vilnius mayor office.

plaukas pyragely said...

And you might also want to see this video from critical mass Vilnius:

Speeding vehicle drives into cyclists, hits multiple cyclists, flees the scene. Police fails to investigate. AND.. After months and months the driver of this car is found he gets a silly fine ("no harm done").