19 February 2011

Off the Light

Off the Light
A cluster of Copenhageners move into motion just as the light changes on Nørrebrogade. Temperature was about -15 C today with the wind chill.

Lovin' the classic Copenhagen scarves.


Anna Cathenka said...

Another beautiful picture. I love this blog, have nominated it for a humble 'stylish blogger award' on my blog http://www.cathenka.blogspot.com/

Have a look see.

Toni Xinot Groenne said...

Classic scarves and a classic motif:
The Three Graces.
Old wheelnews. Perfectly dressed for the occasion.

amoeba said...


Far more bikes than cars. That's how it should be.

Storm said...

Those are the Real mcCoy! Even the cold can't stop these beautifull ladies!
Padel on
Pedal on, pedal on, pedal on for miles
Ah go on
Get up up on your bike

(Luka Bloom - The Acoustic Motorbike)

Anonymous said...

They look toasty.

What is your coldest chic portrait?