17 February 2011

Purpletastique in Scotland

Cycle Style
Hot off the presses... or rather the memory card... from our friends at St. Andrews Cycle Chic.

Know what? I love that there is a St. Andrews, Scotland Cycle Chic. Whenever I give interviews about Cycle Chic and talk about the global scale and mention the many cycle chic blogs out there, I always refer to St. Andrews... as in... there's even a St. Andrews Cycle Chic! Brilliant.

Be sure to check out Portrait Café, too, by the same photographer.


alex said...

this outfit works better than a reflective safety vest.

analee said...

I love the outfit.. nice color..

Anonymous said...

St. Andrews Cycle Chic? That's a bit of a cheek, that photo was taken in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Cycle Chic said...

Yep that is defiantly Edinburgh.