22 January 2011

Cape of Good Hope

Winter Light - Cape of Good Hope
The days have been dull and grey for far too long. Today saw a splash of brilliant sunlight on a winter Copenhagen. Temperatures around freezing, but the light lit up the whole damn world. It's so special we even have a tag for it here on Cycle Chic - 'winter sun.'

What a splendid ensemble on this Copenhagener! Cape, heels and hat. True Copenhagen style.


Anonymous said...

Lodz, Poland http://lodzcyclechic.blogspot.com/

Ditlev Norseman-Niszen said...

Ahh...yes. The light. The way a bike lifts and propels the human body.
She is not a flying fairy after all. Just looks like one. A beautiful black fairy of winter.

Rust may not be a must. But it's a cycle of poetry. Time and depth.

Colville-Andersen said...

Beautiful, D N-N.

alex said...

cycling with heels! that's talent.

Summers said...

Gorgeous light and wonderful style from this super cool woman!

When we get light like this when we're riding and taking photos we get pretty excited.