23 January 2011

City Hall Square Copenhagen

City Hall Square Glance
City Hall Square. The heart of the city. More than 30,000 bicycles roll past each day and over 200,000 pedestrians cross the square in the same period. Including loads of tourists. Many of whom are always amazed to see so many regular people on bicycles. Like this chap.
Passing Bikes
Ride 'em. Walk 'em. Whatever you like.
Pink Scarf
A flash of pink on the boulevard.
Two Wheeler
This guy two-wheeled his three-wheeler across the square. Just because. Cool.


Ditlev Norseman-Niszen said...

What you call "Bike advocacy in high heels" can be accomplished without actually wearing high heels.
You've shown that many times, both summer and winter.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore your blog! i dream of the day my city resembles these photos

Kiwehtin said...

Not to mention his cool jacket!