17 December 2010

Hats Off to these 21st Century Heroes

Pink and Yellow
When cycling in the midst of a snowstorm, in sub-zero temperatures and a headwind roaring out of the Arctic at 15 metres per second, a hat is a nice idea.
Winter Stripey Hat

Winter Cycling Clothes

Winter Souwester Hat


RANTWICK said...

I truly love seeing people on bikes in the snow. Thanks for these pics.

ian_rm27 said...

I love the hat in the very last photo.Looks like a modern version of a 'sou-wester'?

Avocadoinparadise said...

I need boots like the person in the last photo! Wonder where they are from. Can I order them online? :)

Anonymous said...

I never leave the house without a hat. Val

Laura Motley said...

Hi Michael,

I thought you might enjoy this link about bicycle helmet statistics.


Keep up the great work!


MartinRL said...

This is cycle *chic*, I know, but as a daily (folding) bike commuter in Copenhagen, my way of coping with the winter hat-wise, is to use tight transparent sunglasses and a snowboard helmet.

It works great, but I have to admit, isn't the most stylish solution...