19 July 2010

33 Degrees

Thirty Three Degrees
Ah, summer. 33 degrees, according to the bicycle counter on the western world's busiest bicycle street, Nørrebrogade.

The counter reads:
You are cyclists number 4404 today
Out of 1,995,703 so far this year on this stretch.

The counter is only on one side of the street, so at the end of the day you double the figures to get the total. This was taken in the early afternoon, so the homeward rush hour hadn't yet begun.


Peter said...

Mikael -- who makes the counter, please??

Wondering if I can convince some folks in sunny California to sponsor one. Why not?

slavkosnip said...

In Summer by bicycle is nice!:)

eva.lu said...

@Peter - I second that motion! I too would LOVE one in California!

Roni Faida said...

Your pics always make me want to visit your country again. What a wonderful city! www.trilingualdiva.blogspot.com

blessingsgoddess said...

Great to get some real summer weather.

Philip Smith said...

33 deg. Cool. Or not.

2whls3spds said...

33c is nice...we are around 40c with a feels like of 45c :P

Those traffic counts are amazing to me. I can ride 20 miles from my house to my parents and not see another person on a bike.