18 July 2010

Cycle Chic Summer Rainbow

Two Kinds of Light Blue
Splashes of summer colour on the urban landscape. Two kinds of light blue, above. Getting my fill of summer before I head to Melbourne today.
Red Shades
Red shades.
Green Sneakers
Green sneakers make this ensemble.
Red Flats
Red flats.
Purple Chucks
Purple chucks.


Anonymous said...

In Melbourne it's 10 degrees and has been raining most of the day. You won't be taking photos like these while you're here.

Also, I'm not sure if you're aware but there's a cycle-chic-style website based in Melbourne at http://cyclestyle.com.au/ :)

Anonymous said...

Well, rug up in Melbourne.

Enjoy your presentation and, please, share it with those who can't make it.

You might only appreciate the irony of a break in the UAE when you get here... Suggest you a/ride the corniche b/ drive from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in evening peak hour, to discover how the other half live (or die) bumper to bumper at 160+ km/h.

kfg said...

Babushkas: Holding the front lines of appropriate protective head devices for cyclists for more than a century.

Yobeb said...

Hi.. Who is the capital bicyclist city in the world? ET is also riding a bike. Love it

Hans said...

Say hi to Melbourne from me. And please share a few shots from the Copenhagan lane at St. Kilda Road. I used to ride this way every day from St. Kilda to the City and back again in the evening. I miss Melbourne but love Copenhagen.

lagatta à montréal said...

Not quite a Babushka, looks more like the lady is wearing a Muslim headscarf and what she sees as modest dress. The important thing is that she is taking part in Danish cycling culture.