26 March 2010

This Day in Cycle Chic History

Red'y for Anything
It was a lovely day today. Very springlike. Brilliant. So I wondered what photos I took on or about this same date in previous years for this blog. Here are two shots from 2009.
Graceful Sunshine Cyclist

And here's a couple of shots from 2008.

Smile to yourself

And here's one from 2007.
City Hall Squarishness


Bianchista said...

I just recently re-discovered your website, fantastic pictures, great sense of humour and most of all a healthy lack of lycra :-) (which I normally wear whilst cycling)

The villager: said...

I like the red ushanka-style hat !

gih said...

yes, perfect Russian design for cold.

hebdenjoy said...

Lovely images.