25 March 2010

The End of Winter?

End of Winter?
A lovely photo of a lovely, cycling Copenhagener. But I, for one, am extremely ready for springtime. Let's hope that this is the last photo featuring warm 'cycling coats'.

The forecast for today is 15 degrees, sunny with a light wind. Sweet.
My Spring Moment
We've had a couple of lovely days that were scented with spring. Like this shot last week where I came out of a meeting and was greeted by a new season. It was a giddy feeling taking off my gloves for the first time in months.


blessingsgoddess said...

Thank goodness spring is here !

gih said...

That's a perfect drive.

Guns said...

Far, far away in Edmonton, we had nearly two weeks of sweet, early Spring weather... only to be greeted by snow for the past 3 days.

Ah, Northern Spring. So, so fickle. Here's hoping the snow is on the wane for you darling Danes!

Gustar Mono said...

Still rainy season in tropical island of Java, very wet