12 March 2010

More México Cycle Chic on Reforma

Reforma Sunday - Moi in México City
Here's some more photos from my Sunday ride down Reforma boulevard in Mexico City last week.
Reforma Sunday Cycle Chic
Classic Cycle Chic Mexicana style.
Reforma Sunday Potpourri
A potpourri of bicycle action.
Reforma Sunday Cycle Cool
A cool conversation in town, heading towards Reforma.
Reforma Sunday Quatro Amigas
Four girlfriends on rental bikes enjoying the day on two wheels.


Freedom Cyclist said...

looks so beautiful & inviting

(guess what! i'm no longer a criminal!!!!! - conviction quashed last week for 'riding a bicycle without a helmet'!!!! YAY!)

Brent said...

Sue: Do tell more!

Gratistotal said...

ohhh summer time! enjoy!

The villager: said...

Great pictures !

blessingsgoddess said...


Mr. Haramis said...

It's nice to see the good citizens of D.F. riding their bikes.
There is so much negativity about crime such as kidnappings but these people are not letting that shake them.

Sweetman said...

So warm and colorful!

Roni Faida said...

I love seeing people biking in different countries, thanks!

gih said...

That gonna be broadcasted by the CNN.