11 March 2010

México Cycle Chic - Reforma Sunday / 01

Reforma Sunday Smile
Every Sunday the impossibly wide Reforma boulevard in the centre of México City is closed off to cars for a few hours. The result? Thousands of Méxicanos get to reclaim the streets, for a while at least, and it's one big, happy bicycle ride up and down the long boulevard. A fantastic array of bicycles under the bums of friends, families, you name it.
Reforma Sunday Heavenly Glide
Here's four friends looking smashingly cool and enjoying the ride.
Reforma Sunday Ultimate Mexico Cycle Chic


hebdenjoy said...

Great pictures.

Unknown said...

We are Tropikal Bikes, located on Mexico City, thanks for this great photos man.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mikael, this is Miguel (again) from México:
You should post in your blog the photo with Princess and Prince of Denmark pedaling with Mayor of México City from the government buildind to the Museum Of Mexico City. I have that photo in the case that you want it. The look really cool! soundheads@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

The blue bike with the funky fenders is the clear winner of the bunch!Look how casual and cool that picture is!

Kaffecyklen.dk said...

Slow bike movement ;-)

Colville-Andersen said...

hola, miguel... i was actually cycling WITH the prince, princess, Ebrard and Delgado! I have the photos... i'll blog eventually. thanks.

Kiwitz said...

You should come to Guadalajara. It´s the mexican city with the most increasing bicycle movement at the time.


Dottie said...

Nice! I could really appreciate a sunny Mexico ride today.