18 January 2010

Winter Posture Postulates

Speciel Service

Winter Wrapped

Two of the classic postures Copenhageners assume whilst waiting for the light to change. Above, The Half-Ready Pedal Placement and below, The Copenhagen Straddle. See more on the Red Light Posture Series post.

If you like, you can click on over to Copenhagenize.com and see how the City of Copenhagen holds on tight to their cyclists by giving them something to hold to.


Sophie.J said...

Yup. It's truly convenience for cyclists..I hope Malaysia also have something thoughtful as this..

slavkosnip said...

U nas w Warszawie też jeździ sporo rowerzystów mimo zalegajacego śniegu. Są wśród nich tez kobiety!
Piękne fotografie. Można też zobaczyć fragmenty infrastruktury rowerowej, dość jeszcze egzotycznej w naszym kraju! I love your blog!!!:)

Vaga Bond said...

Amazing ! a site just for cycling fashion ! excellent layout as well !

Val said...

Oh to be so. I wish, but it's not going to happen. And where are all the chic men? Or is that a contradiction?

Colville-Andersen said...

chic men? scroll, darling, scroll. or choose the Bicycle Fashion for Men tag in the Categories on the right.

Anonymous said...

In the first shot, what exactly is the girl wearing? A skirt and hose or pants? Looks like a skirt and hose.
How cold is it out?

Anonymous said...

Your subjects have such great posture, as if they are in an equestrian competition. It is definitely a more formal stance than our laid back California bicyclists.

André said...

That simple ideas like the one in the last pic are the best ones :)

ELVIA said...

i like your blog - bicycles meet fashion :)

Colville-Andersen said...

She's wearing a skirt and hose. It's about minus 5 Celcius, plus extra for wind chill.

emzdog said...

WOW!!! I love this site did you know that riding your bike saves the earth and me and my friends are big on saving the earth! Anyways check out my site the URL is emzdog.blogspot.com thx bye.

ana peres said...

It's very nice and interessing to know that City of Copenhagen accept and take care of their cyclists. Congratulations and I think is something to be proud of. kiss.

Cory said...

Very cool, I love it it's interesting.

kfg said...

"I love this site did you know that riding your bike saves the earth . . ."

I'm just glad the Earth managed to hang on for the first 5 billion years until the invention of the bicycle. :)

100 Mile Bike said...

lovely images. but gosh it looks cold. bring on the summer!

Dottie said...

I'm like the woman in the first photo. I rarely get off my saddle.

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