4 January 2010

Hats, Winter and Snow-Free Bike Lanes

Colourful Hat
Colourful hat in a winter landscape. The bike lanes are always cleared.
Hat and headphones. Winter music.

Read about snow clearing in Copenhagen at Copenhagenize.com.


BadBeard said...

I dream of bike lanes like that. I was plowing through grey slush in Scotland this evening.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Bike lanes here are full of glass and other detritus most of the time. I can't imagine they would be cleared of snow! (Good thing we don't get any in coastal Cali.)

Anonymous said...

Weird to see how many of the night-time cyclists have no, or at best woefully inadequate, lights. Not unlike here in Germany. My opinion is that they unnecessarily aggravate motorists and give the rest of us ("illuminated") bikers a bad name.

Colville-Andersen said...

cities are well-lit urban environments. while lights are very important, streetlights help a lot. in surburban or rural areas, it's rather different.

but here in copenhagen the motorists are cyclists, too and they are trained to watch out for bikes.