5 January 2010

Copenhagen Winter Moments

Copenhagen Winter Straddle
The Copenhagen Straddle [feat. Winter Snow]
The Copenhagen Launch [avec neige]
Snowstorm Rushhour
Snowstorm Rush Hour [a la blur]


raydenzel1 said...

Very hardy souls.

Unknown said...


kfg said...

Not to belittle these people, but the very point of these photos is to demonstrate that it isn't really all that impressive because it doesn't take a particularly hardy soul.

They're just ordinary people going about ordinary business; not Iditabike racers.

To those used to being cosseted in their Siebeners (or Topolinos) it might well seem like they're doing something "tough," but if you get out there and do it you find you are often more comfortable on a bike than you would have been in a car.

You warm up fairly evenly (there IS always that nose thing to deal with) from the inside, instead of having hot air blown at you in spots.

Colville-Andersen said...

I don't even know what Siebeners (or Topolinos) are. And don't tell me. It's probably best I don't know. :-)

But you're right. Regular people going about their business. They just happen to be on bicycles. Just like people have done in winters for 120 years.

kfg said...

" . . . don't tell me."

Big Ass BMW and Little Mouse FIAT.

I apologize for my overt disregard of simple instructions, but I've never been a fan of willful ignorance. :)

Beck said...

Snow is probably better than rain, and rain is definitely better than wind. My big surprise when I started riding to work two years ago was that I didn't seem to get very wet in rain. Or maybe I just dry off quickly because I'm warm. Either way, it doesn't bother me. (My colleagues are always bothered FOR me.) But I hate head winds, and cross winds at intersections that blow me into the cruel, cruel Sydney traffic.

'Xander Labayen said...

love the Rush hour photo, as it shows that with the proper infrastructure, cars, trucks buses,bicycles and pedestrians can safely share the streets.

what a great statement for Copenhagen to make.

i can see why it ranks high on the happy list.