9 January 2010

Cycling Snowstorm Twosomes

Copenhagen Snow 050110_03
Cycling twosomes. Some of them together, others not but merely existing in the time and space as another cyclist. Like in the Snow-Covered Overtaking photo above.
Copenhagen Twosome
Two girlfriends heading north.
Snowstorm Wait and Go
Two others pushing off.

Bye Bye Sit and Stand
A man waving goodbye to his friend. He turned left, she continued straight on. And then two cycling tempi on the right.

Copenhagen Snow Duo
Two strangers sharing a pocket of time and space.


Dottie said...

I guess not a consideration for Copenhagen, but I like cycling with a friend in Chicago because cars give much more room and consideration when passing (as long as we're not directly two abreast, because then they become honking assholes).

Anonymous said...

Damn! No snowstorm is going to keep her from text messaging. An iconic image: I hate mobiles almost as much as I hate bikes.


Nayeli said...

I love your blog...Very nice blog photos

oceana said...

i am that much eager to come there in this winter
that much so good this is

Anonymous said...

Cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!