10 January 2010

Nordic Sunshine Longing

Below Zero Cycle Chic
The sun. Praise Odin, the sun. The Nordic winter can be brilliant, but all we request is sunshine once in awhile, instead of long periods with a wet, grey duvet suffocating us.

The sun returned in force a couple of days ago. Blinding and fantastic. Minus 15 degrees with the wind chill, but when the sun is shining, who cares.

It lights up every corner of your winter being.

Spontaneous Drafting
Although nightime snowstorm neon has it's qualities, too.


raydenzel1 said...

when one basks in sunlight during the winter, it feels wonderful and makes the dreariness fall away.

slavkosnip said...

Last photo is verry good!

flo's diner said...

Så fint, det første foto. Og hele bloggen!