3 December 2009

Sonja Rykiel, Hennes and Mauritz and Bicycles

The mainstreaming of the bicycle continues. This time at a fashion show in Paris launching Sonja Rykiel's new collection for Swedish behemoth 'cheap and cheerful' chain H&M. Bicycles, bicycle, bicycles.

Thanks to: Erik.


YovoMaltine said...

funny i just posted a comment on one of my friends' blog, saying how much I wish I had been there. this show was jaw-droppingly glamourous a spectacular! some called it the Paris show of the year. damn it if only I had known, I'm sure i could have got someone to get me in :'(

Courtnee said...

I just visited the H&M Sonia Rykiel site and I didn't see these tights. I really hope they're part of the collection because they're about the only piece in the collection you could display in public and I love the stripes.

Blanaid said...

What brand were the bikes?

ps. any chance we can get listed as the first irish site in your collaboraters & copycats links? - you inspired us to get back cycling and to setup the site :-)


Klaus Mohn said...

That show was redonkulous. It looked amazing! As it happens, I pass by the venue where it was organized (le Grand Palais) every day on my commute, and there's a bike lane but it's nto protected and not respected (doubleparking paradise). Not many people who attended that show came by bike, let me tell you that :/